RPG Utopia!

Welcome to the role playing center of the Utopian Empire known as RPG Utopia!

Welcome to RPG Utopia! This will soon by the role playing section of the Utopian Empire, but is currently under construction. I ask you to please have patience, and enjoy what is here so far. -Emperor Kalimar

What RPG Utopia will have in the future:

  • A forum-based role playing community
  • Links to other online role playing communities
  • A Guest Book page
  • A news page
  • Stuff on rpg games and videogames

Is there anything else you would wish for RPG Utopia to have? Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions? Please email them to me at ap_dragon2004@yahoo.com

Can't wait to role play? While you are waiting, you can join the Utopian Empire's Online Community (UEOC) and role play there! Or you can just hang out if you want!

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11/6/04: The links page has been added. Feel free to browse for through links of other online communities!





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